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Display Furniture
Hang Bag system
Help you to organize and display odd size books, medias, picture books with CD DVD or story telling puppets, toys and many more

Manaco Big Book Hang Bag Rack
Hold 20 to 90 bags
36"H floor standing
Manaco Big Book Hang Bag System
hold up to 30 big bags
keep bags up to 30"H
Manaco Table Top Hang Bags Rack
Hold up to 50 bags, 25Lbs
13"H & 17"H
Table Top Hang Bags Rack
Hold 20 to 50 bags
Hanging Bag Racks
Other designs
from 15"H to 29"H Racks
Wall /Door Hanging Bag System
hold 30 to 90 bags
in 2 or 3 tiers 
Hang Bags
Hang Bags in different size keep
books, DVD, video game, chart
in organize
Hang Bag Shelf Conversion Kit
Convert your book shelf into 
media display using hang bags
Mobile Steel Hanging Bag Rack
Hold up to 300 bags
Manaco Rotating Steel Rack
Hold up to 144 bags
1 to 3 tiers 
Wooden Hanging Bag Rack
 Hold 100 to 180 bags
2 or 3 tiers 38"H to 47"H 
Hang Book Display Shelve
Laminate wood construction
to match your library ID

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