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Library Book Shelves Design
Laminate wood Book shelves in different design

Product Detail:
Classic Design : Laminate Wood Book shelves
Custom design book shelves available 

Classic Design Laminate Wood
Double side book shelves
height: 42"H, 60"H, 70"H
Classic Design Laminate Wood
Double side with Slatwall End panel
Height: 42"H, 60"H, 70"H
Classic Design laminate wood
Picture Book shelves
Height: 48"H
Classic Design Laminate wood
single side book case
Height: 42"H, 60"H,70"H,78"H
Custom design
Laminate Wood double side Divider 
book shelves
Custom design
Divider book shelves with cushion seat

Mobile Double side Book shelves
Height : 48"H, 60"H
Open Top Design: Laminate Wood Book Shelves
Custom design book shelves available
Open Top Laminate Wood Shelves
Modern design with different shelf depth 
height: 60"H,  
Open Top Laminate wood shelves
with slatwall display panels
provide extra book display
End of range Display Shelves
For new arrival display
Slop Top Laminate Wood shelves
height: 48"H 
Open Top single side Laminate wood
book shelves
Custom Book shelves
Slop Top Double Side Laminate Wood 

Solid Wood Book shelves
Following book shelves only available for project quote only
Minimum order quantity 20 units require
LibraCraft Wood Library Shelving
3/4" thick solid wood shelves 
LibraCraft Mobile Wood Shelving
3/4" thick solid wood shelves
Wave Mobile Double Face Shelving
Laminate over 1" thick particleboard core
42"H low shelves
Wave Mobile Double Face Shelving
60"H units

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