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Study Carrels
Custom design and specification available
Single face, double, quad and hexagon design
stand alone or add on as per your plan
27"H for young, 29"H for adult
Product Detail:
H- style study carrels
provide a private space for working
studying and surfing internet
Flexible arrangement, custom size
MOQ=5 units
Best Rite Study carrels
well design carrel with keyboard
trace, MOQ=10 units
Double face Study Carrel
classic design, single side or double side
flexible arrangement, high side panel
custom design available
Librarian's choice
Classic Study Carrel
High side panel provide a private space
for studying, working, surfing
add on unit to form a row either
face to face or next to each other
Librarian's choices
Quad Study Carrels
4 carrels in a set with small foot print
High side panel provide privacy 
Librarian's choice
Study Carrel w/ Angled Side Panel
Ideal for AV equipment, Notebook or study
Angled side panel provide privacy
MOQ=5 units
Hexagon Study Carrel
6 carrels per set , MOQ=2 set
Ideal for AV equipment, PC or study
High side panel for privacy
Librarian's choice

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